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on Sunday, 01 April 2012 in Chicago Carpet Cleaning
Gendje rug from The Caucasus/Caucasian

Gendje rug from The Caucasus/Caucasian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Chicago rug cleaners have been famous for their works, companies like Peter klujian carpets tend to follow the same pattern of work because it has turned out to become one of the best methods of cleaning up rugs and carpets. There is one thing that most rug cleaners fail to learn is that rugs and carpets are all woven threads, formed in such a way that it becomes a rug or carpet. These weaves tend to have air sockets or spaces between that can allow dust to reside, which are naked to the human eye.

Whether these Chicago rug cleaners are dealing with area cleaning or a complete washout of the rug, there are certain steps that they tend to follow. As we talked about dirt or dry soil residing in the rugs, their first step is to go ahead cleaning the dry soil. Each company would have their own procedure or work, however, most of them tend to use lager vacuums that have been especially built for such a thing.

Once the dirt has been removed, it is important to pre treat the rug as well. This pre treatment would help in breaking down all the stains that are on the rug. The importance of pre treatment of rugs is that since the stains break down it becomes easier to clean the rug without damaging it. Once the stains have been treated, they are laid down and hanged flat so that it dries naturally. This might seem like an extra process but it actually helps in keeping the shape and size of your rugs and it plays a very important role in rug cleaning. Once that process is done, then the grooming process of the rugs is started off. The grooming process is followed by quality check where each and every corner of the rug is checked.


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