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Residential Carpet Installation requires the right carpet padding

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on Saturday, 24 March 2012 in Chicago Carpet Cleaning


If you want to install your own carpet, then it is good to know that the foundation for a good residential carpet installation is the carpet padding that you plan to use. Many of us forgo the importance of carpet padding and because of which we suffer poor carpet installation that hinders the beauty of the room or home. Thus, it is important for us to learn and understand the different kinds of padding that could be used when installing the carpet at home. A tip to keep for people to keep in mind, whether they are from the suburbs of Chicago or the cities, one should never opt for thick carpet padding.

We are going to talk about the different kinds of carpet padding today, starting off from the waffle rubber. Initially this was said to be the worst form of carpet padding as it breaks down  over a period of few years, however, with technology it has improved itself and comes with a half an inch thickness that has a texture of a waffle as well. it is important for one to look into the waffle rubber before shopping since it tends to be much lighter than other carpet padding, it is better to choose the heaviest one.

With that said there is another form of carpet cushion with the name urethane foam. This is available in different densities and as well as thickness. The density starts from half a pound psi. When buying this kind of carpet cushion, it is important to understand your need, and if the right one is purchased you can actually get a good performance out of them

A very popular form of carpet cushioning is the bonded urethane. This is made from the scraps of urethane that are used in furniture making. Even though it is considered as one of the best cushion padding, the problem with these is that it tends to turn the carpet yellow. This could spoil the entire carpet especially when it light colored. This yellowing is mainly caused by the bht found in these carpets but it is always better to ask the store keeper to give you assurance that it does not contain any form of bht

If you want high quality luxury irrespective of the price then flat rubber is a good option, it has a density of 19-22lbs. even though these tend to be on the pricey side, the best thing about these is that once the carpet padding is on there is no need to change it even if you plan to change your carpets. Once can take help of Peter Klujian Carpet Company for more professional help.


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