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Home Remedies for Spots on Carpet

Posted by Ara Klujian
Ara Klujian
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on Friday, 03 February 2012
in Chicago Carpet Cleaning
There are several home remedies you may use to spot clean carpet when a problem occurs.  These remedies are club soda or liquid Ivory & warm water.  These are basic household items and work effectively and safely to remove spots on carpet. Club Soda-  Place your thumb over the opening of the bottle.  Then turn the bottle upside down and lightly shake the bottle so the club soda sprays onto the spot.  The carbonation in the club soda when sprayed, will allow the soil or spot to rise to the surface of the carpet.  Next, lay a clean towel on the area and blot the spot (never rub).  Often times pressing hard on the area produces better results.  Repeat this process if necessary. Liquid Ivory & Warm Water-  Stir 1 teaspoon of white liquid Ivory per pint of warm water (below 200*).  Pour a small amount of solution onto the...
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