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Chicago Residential Carpet Cleaning

Peter Klujian Carpet Company offers professional, high quality, carpet cleaning for Residential and Commercial clientele in Chicago and surounding suburbs. Our carpet cleaning technicians are well mannered, courteous and trained extensively to properly and thoroughly clean your carpets. In addition to our cleaning process we focus on spots and stains at no additional cost. We take our time to ensure our customers receive the best possible carpet cleaning experience.

When our carpet cleaners arrive at your home, we introduce ourselves in a very courteous professional manner. We always enter a home with shoe protection booties or remove our shoes to protect your floors. Next, we walk through the home with the customer to see what areas need to be cleaned. During the walk through, our carpet cleaners may ask and answer questions relating to the work that is to be performed. At this time we may also take measurements of each room and areas to be cleaned. After the customer agrees to have the carpets cleaned, we begin by carefully setting up our hoses and use protection around corners and floors where needed. During the carpet cleaning process, our carpet cleaners will place protection under your furniture to prevent any transfer of furniture stain or rust onto the clean carpet. We recommend our customers to leave these blocks and tabs under the furniture until the carpet is completely dry. After our carpet cleaners are finished cleaning your carpets, we then apply 3M Scotchgard if requested and groom the carpets with a brush. Grooming the carpet with a brush gives a very nice looking appearance.

Peter Klujian Carpet Company now offers all-natural "Green Cleaning" upon request. All of our products we use for carpet cleaning are safe and non-toxic. However, the demand for all-natural "green cleaning" is on the rise and Peter Klujian caters to these requests, only using the best products available.

Our hot water extraction method (“steam cleaning”) is second to none in Chicago and the entire carpet cleaning industry. Our unparalleled knowledge, skilled workmanship, and vast base of completely satisfied customers all contribute to our profound reputation. Call us now and schedule an appointment to have your carpets cleaned by Peter Klujian Carpet Company. (773) 772-6700