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A guide to Oriental Rug Cleaning

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on Thursday, 10 May 2012 in Chicago Carpet Cleaning

Rugs have been the part of history and very commonly handmade rugs made hundreds of years are found in very good condition today. Care must be taken in the usage and maintenance of rugs to make sure it stays for quite amount of time. The article contains tips regarding maintenance and Oriental Rug Cleaning. Have a glance at the following points.

· Water is believed to be the best thing to clean rugs with. Wool items and rugs can be very effectively cleaned through water. Methods using water as a source of cleaning are commonly preferred.  But care should be taken when it comes to drying it. Keeping the rug wet for longer period may result in fading of colour soon. Though there is nothing wrong in Oriental Rug Cleaning with water, but one must make sure that is dried well.

· Harder the padding is better it will be for rug. One will have to less frequently visit Oriental Rug Cleaning services. Hard floors of stones are considered best as far as padding is concerned. It certainly can enhance total life of the rug.

· Yet another important point with Oriental Rug Cleaning is not to use pointed or sharp nails to hand rugs after cleaning. Concentration of weight on a single part may spoil the design. Same precaution should be taken while normally hanging the rug at homes.

· Sunlight do have impact on rug and to make sure that this effect is minimized one should keep rotating is. What it does is every part is given same amount of sunshine.

Cleanliness of rugs is one vital part to make it appear beautiful for longer period. Frequency of Oriental Rug Cleaning depends upon usage and exposure that it is in. Usually within three years it should be washed at least once.

Chicago Oriental rug Cleaning

Chicago is blessed with some exceptional rug cleaning services. Peter Klujian Carpet Company is among the best companies offering carpet and rug cleaning services. Continuous standard services are the reason of superb success of the company. Completing 50 years, it is among the oldest companies of its kind. Suburbs regions of Chicago are the key places when it comes to work area of Peter Klujian Carpet Company. Thy perfectly understand the job and are expert in their work. Handling rugs do require special care and Peter Klujian Carpet Company is very much capable of offering such delegate treatment to beautiful rugs.

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning services are equipped with the right machines and material to clean rugs. The amount of care offered for cleaning the beautiful and fragile rugs makes them the perfect party to provide your rugs for cleaning.

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