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Green Carpet Cleaning- An Innovative And Environment Friendly Way Of Cleaning Carpets

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on Saturday, 01 September 2012 in Chicago Carpet Cleaning

Peter Klujian Carpet Company now proudly boasts of its Green Carpet Cleaning services upon request. It is an all-natural eco –friendly concept. Due to the ever increasing pollution and extensive use of the chloro-floro carbons, the global warming is one the rise and has become a major threat for the very existence of the human race. Thus, time has come when we should mend our ways and try to make our earth more clean and green. Green Carpet Cleaning is an innovative and entirely new concept. All the products used in this process are non-toxic and completely safe. Since the demand for “green cleaning” that is an all-natural process is increasing by leaps and bounds, Peter Klujian is offering this premium service for the residents of Chicago and the nearby suburbs.

The Green Carpet Cleaning caters to some of the most common problems you deal while cleaning the carpets. One of the fine examples of it is the toxic chemicals that are left even after rinsing the carpet and this method of carpet cleaning takes due care of this problem. The uniformed, certified technicians of the company will provide good cleaning in all the areas of your home or office and will take good care of your rugs and carpets. They ensure that you get good results that are long lasting and they will not leave your home till you are fully satisfied with their services. The use of state-of art equipments and the latest technology ensures that your carpets, rugs and upholstery are residue free and perfectly clean. The speed drying process ensures that the carpets are free of musty odors and the smell of chemicals and the process of drying is completed at a fast pace in about 1-2 hours.

Green Carpet Cleaning services are quite environment friendly and helps to considerably lower our won carbon footprint. It retains the vibrant colors and luster of the Oriental rugs, carpets and upholstery. The staff of the company is well mannered, courteous and knowledgeable and the certified professionals make sure that the soiled areas of the carpets are given extra attention. The fast drying by specialized machines ensures that the mildew and the molds are thoroughly removed. All the areas of the rugs and the carpet are pre-treated with a natural cleaner that is a citrus based cleanser. This helps to break up the soils that are deeply lodged in the carpets.

Peter Klujian Carpet Company provides Green Carpet Cleaning services at affordable rates. They have a rich experience of over 50 yrs in the carpet cleaning industry. For more information on the topic or in case of any queries or doubts you can always visit the services pages on the website of the company

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