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Water Damage Flood Restoration

flood damage water removalWater is a great part of nature and a great destroyer. Water is known to be the one that can damage your things badly whether it would be wood, furniture or flooring. Getting your furniture and flooring damaged due to water or flooding is a really common thing, one out of ten houses face such issues every month, and it brings a total wreckage to the house, as most of the time water damage is so bad that one needs to replace their damaged furniture or flooring which is very expensive and finding a viable solution to the water damage or flood restoration is really not that easy, but at Peter Klujian Carpets we know how to do flood restoration effectively as we have years of experience in getting this job done perfectly!

We at Peter Klujian Carpets are known to be the best experts when it comes to flood restoration, as we have all the tools and equipment that would help you to solve your entire water damage problem. We have experience restoring everything from wooden furniture to flooring etc. bringing you relief to this disaster. You don't need to replace your furniture or flooring, as we can recover most types of damage and have the ability to help them look as good as they were before.

So if you face any issue of water damage or flooding, then all you need to do is give us a call and our representative would be at your door step at your earliest convenience, observing the entire damaged area providing you the most cost effective way of solving your problem. Don't waste another moment call us as soon as you face any water damage issue, as the sooner you react more effectively we will be able to help you recover from your water damages.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile grout cleaningSooner or later you need to clean your tile and grout in your kitchen, washroom, dining room or bathroom and this is because it is really easy for grease and other matter to stick between the tiles. The worst thing is that it is not easy to clean it. In order to clean tile and grout most people use acid or other cleaning liquid to clean the stains that lay between these tiles. Those not trained on how to effectively clean tile or grout often spend hours brushing the tile in order to remove the dirt and stains. This is a tiring job, as someone not properly trained can spend hours to get effective results, but sometimes all such efforts go in vain, as some stains or old grease residue remain intact in their position.

Peter Klujian Carpets not only offers carpet cleaning and installation, but we also offer tile and grout cleaning services as well. We assure you that you will get satisfactory results from our cleaning services and this is because when we clean tile and grout we don't allow any stain or grease (either old or new) to remain there. Our experienced staff can get this job done with very little effort on our part.

We assure you of our outstanding services, and this is because we have cleaning professionals on our side who have years of experience in tile and grout cleaning. In order to get rid of all these tile and grout stains, all you need to do is to give us a call and our team of professionals are ready to start right away. No matter the grime or stain we will have all our tiles looking like new

Pet Stain And Odor Removal

pet stain and odor removalOne can find a whole lot of pet lovers and a great number of them love to keep their pets inside their house whether they would be cats or dogs and as most pet lovers allow, their pets roam freely in the entire house, this is surely a very good deed but not good enough for your furniture, carpets and upholstery as these pets leave different types of pet stains as well as odor in them unintentionally. This smell might seems normal to you, as you are used to it but it negatively affects everyone who visits your house, as in their opinion your house would be smelly and dirty and this will surely freak them out, that is why it is really important for you to go with some professional pet stain and odor removal on a regular basis in order to keep up the tidiness of your home.

At Peter Klujian Carpets we offer you the best and the most professional solutions for pet stain and odor removal. Whether the stains are on your carpet, curtains, hangings, cushions, sheets etc. we would clean them all and make them smell fresh leaving your house stain and pet odor free. So let your pet enjoy to the fullest in your home as we are here for any pet stain and odor removal.

Your pet stains and odor are just a call away, just call us and our team of professionals will be available at your house to get the job done in no time. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority and we believe in long term business relationships, so chose us for the best and the most effective solutions for your pet stains and odor, as we know how to get this job done in the most effective manner

Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaning chicagoPeter Klujian Carpets also offers upholstery cleaning, allowing different types of fittings of your house to look absolutely marvelous. Upholstery normally forms the basis of any living room and drawing room therefore it is very important that your upholstery should be clean and tidy. Your upholstery needs proper cleaning at least once in the year, as it will keep your upholstery looking great, fresh and tidy. At Peter Klujian Carpets we offer you effective upholstery cleaning, as we know how to clean just about any fabric or surface.

Upholstery is normally referred to as different types of house fittings including curtains, cushions or hangings and they form an important aspect of any home. A house without upholstery looks dull and no matter how well managed it is, and this is because all such things adds the sense of sensuality, elegance and style in you home making it looking stylish and great. Neat and clean upholstery is regarded as one of the factors that reflect the entire look of a house.

We have all the right tools and professionals to clean your upholstery in such a way keeping the fabrics intact while removing different types of stains, dirt as well as bacteria completely from all of your curtains, cushions and hangings even removing every kind of pet odor and stain. Peter Klujian carpets is a one stop shop when it comes to anything made of fabric. Whether you have custom made fabric upholstery or just need to get a stain out of the middle of your couch, there's nothing to big or small for our team. Give our staff call today, we are waiting to serve any need that you may have.

Oriental Rug Repairs Carpet Repair

Custom Carpet Rug RepairMany people have carpets and rugs that look sluggish and torn apart on sides due to the constant movement of people over them or they get indents on them due to the placement of heavy furniture sitting on them for long periods of time. The more your carpets or rugs stay in such condition, the more they will deteriorate and become turned out.

In such situations most people prefer to replace their carpets or oriental rugs, just for the sake of the beauty of the house, however replacing carpets and oriental rugs can be a little costly especially as you cannot replace them every time there is a stain or a tear. Calling Peter Klujian Carpets will save you a lot of time and money as we are rug and carpet repair experts.

In-fact, no one knows carpet or area rugs like Peter Klujian Carpets. We are true carpet and rug professionals and we are simply the best when it comes to carpet or rug repairs. Whether it is a simple repair or something a little more difficult we can most likely fix your carpet or rug today. Give a call and have one of our friendly professional's come out to your home or office and we will see what we can do for you.

Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rug DesignThere are many reasons to have custom area rugs in your home; besides fine quality boosting the inner look of your house, rugs also serve a practical purpose protecting carpeting and hard wood flooring that one might want to keep from damage or dirt. They can be placed in front of doors, hallways or kitchens. Custom area rugs are quite different from the all-purpose rugs which are often used as door mats or sink mats designed to soak up water and dirt itself. Peter Klujian carpets have a wide array of custom area rugs for you to choose from, all with their own unique look and style to fit in with the environment of your home. Our area rugs bring a sense of culture and class to any home.

Our fine selection of custom rugs is known to be among the best anywhere found in Chicago. At Peter Klujian Carpets you will find each and every type of rug design that would not only keep your carpets / flooring clean but will also allow your house to have a wonderful and eye catchy look to it.

We have a special variety of rugs for your drawing room, living room, bed rooms and hallways each of them available in every different size and style. Give us a call today or come on down to our showroom and find that custom rug just right for you.